Garret R. Neighbors

Co-Founder & CEO

Garret is a native West Texan and seasoned landman that brings an unrivaled passion to field land work. After completing his MBA from Angelo State University in 2011, Garret got his start working as a field landman for Davis & Webb Resources, Inc. where he quickly rose through the ranks. In 2013, Davis and Webb dissolved as a brokerage, and due to Garret’s sterling reputation, multiple clients followed him after he founded Neighbors Land Services, LLC. Over the next five years, Neighbors Land Services, LLC grew in size and demand under his leadership, performing a variety of land services, including title services, abstracts, acquisition, due diligence and curative. In an effort to expand operations, Garret joined forces with Kyle Jones and formed Tall City Land Services, LLC. In August 2020, Garret bought out Kyle, and is now the sole owner and continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer. It has been through Garret’s abundance of knowledge and experience, that has enabled Tall City Land to become one of the premier land services groups in the Permian Basin. Garret received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Texas Tech University and Master of Business Administration from Angelo State University. He is a member of the AAPL and PBLA. Garret and his wife, Paige have two daughters: Pearl & Olive.